Document Controller
  • Organize and manage your documents properly
  • Develop your career as a Document Controller or Project Coordinator or Supervisor

Business Communication Skills
  • Every professional from entry to senior level managers in any industry
  • For students aspiring for entry level jobs in any domain this is mandatory

Manual Accounting for Beginners
  1. Identify and Define the Elements of the Financial Statements
  2. Distinguish between cash and accrual accounting systems
  3. Journalise and post accounting transactions using accrual accounting
  4. Prepare financial reports from the recorded transactions

Credit Management
  1. Have a complete understanding of the emerging trends in credit
  2. Undertake Industry Analysis and Develop Business
  3. Gain knowledge of the Principles of effective lending
  4. Understand & interpret the financial statements
  5. Assess need based WC / Term Finance & Project Finance requirements.
  6. Deal with Non-fund based credit

Compliance and Risk Management
  • The nuances of Compliance and the Management of Compliance Risk
  • Enterprise-wide Compliance Risk Management Framework
  • Compliance and Corporate Governance
  • Compliance Controls and Checks
  • Other Financial Crime considerations

Financial Analysis and Reporting
  • Read, understand, interpret and analyze general purpose financial reports;
  • Understand differing accounting policies and their impact on financial statements;
  • Evaluate different types of performance measurement systems in accounting and commonly used  financial control systems;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of management accounting concepts and techniques; and

Investment and Portfolio Management
  • Know investment alternatives
  • Optimally diversify and make efficient portfolios
  • Allocate funds between risk-free and risky assets and choose portfolio as par the risk tolerance of investors
  • Know and practice to trade