Comprehensive online assessments tests for hiring right-fit talent

MeritTrac’s scientifically designed end-to-end online assessment platforms for recruitment enable organisations to execute competency-based assessments for talent hiring. Our assessment platform and online exam system help administer online assessment tests that can be accessed by users anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Corporate Sector

In today’s fast-moving world where manual processes are automated, recruiters still rely on time, effort, and cost consuming traditional hiring processes. MeritTrac’s unique suite of assessment solutions is perfect for speeding up your recruitment processes and hiring highly talented candidates in less time and with less effort. We provide you with an array of online assessment tests and automated tools to assess the potential of entry-level and experienced job seekers, to make informed hiring decisions, and to identify workforce development needs.

Educational Institutions

Why stick to outdated exam delivery methods when you can go digital? Online examination management system for universities and colleges will not only streamline entrance and semester examination process but will also help you ensure quality education with a thorough analysis of student’s skills and knowledge. We provide a range of research-backed online test software for transparent, reliable, and secure examination delivery

Government Sector

Securely conduct public sector exams with our range of technology-led online assessment software. Our paper-based and computer-based assessment solutions are being used for hiring the right talents for various central and state government departments. The analytics and test reporting features enable in-depth skill assessment for the selection of credible candidates who can bring about transformative changes in society.