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Learn and develop expertise in MS Excel 2016 with our certification course and prepare yourself for an exceptionally rewarding career.
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The Microsoft Excel certification course has helped about 70% learners gain recognition and enhance their credibility.

Expertise in MS Excel is high sought-after and will help you make a mark and excel the competition at work.

The online Advanced Microsoft Excel 2016 certification course by Manipal ProLearn will help you up your MS Excel skills game.

You will learn how to perform basic and complex MS Excel functions, make advanced calculations and create smooth spreadsheets from scratch.

Being one of the top online courses on MS Excel 2016, the program will provide you with practical knowledge about various techniques and features of MS Excel. Consequently, you will be able to solve real-time business problems and improve your job prospects to a great level.

  • 106+ Hours
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key benefits

After completing the Advanced MS Excel course, you’ll be an MS Excel pro. The course will help you:

Learn about new tools for data analysis and visualization, and tools that will facilitate work-sharing.

Master Excel Formulas and Functions that will enhance productivity and save time.

Learn new ways of enhancing readability and engaging the audience more efficiently to boost sales.

Understand the importance and use of Pivot tables and PowerPivot in data analysis.

Understand the use of macros for automating repetitive tasks and thereby reducing the overall monthly workload.

Learn tricks and strategies that can help you crack the Microsoft Office Specialist Exam in a single attempt.

Who Should Attend

Entry to senior level managers in any industry

Engineering/IT Graduates

Management/Commerce Graduates

Students aspiring for entry-level jobs in any industry