Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

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Instructor-led training with a strategically developed course to help you excel in your career.
Case study based learning to give you practical know-how of the subject.
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  • 60+ Hours of Cloud & GPU Labs for hands-on practice, highest in the industry..
  • 30+ Hours of Online Live Virtual Lectures by industry experts.
  • Get hands-on experience with ML tools like Scikit Library, TensorFlow, Jupyter and Keras.
  • Free course on Python Programming for Data Science worth AED 600.00 with the course.
  • Get the chance to network with AI experts and enthusiasts through meetups.
  • 01 Year Access to LMS (Learning Management System).
  • 5+ Demo Code on Real Life Case Scenario.
  • Practice on real case studies ensures complete understanding and retention of the knowledge on each of the concepts.

key benefits

Be able to perform data modelling and make predictions

Gain knowledge on training and deploying ML models

Use ML algorithms like Decision Trees and SVM and tools like Scikit Library, Keras and TensorFlow

Use Jupiter Notebook as the development environment for Python

Learn about the high-level concepts in Deep Learning, Text Analytics, and NLP

Focus on utilizing the data, tries to model it using various algorithms, and helps in predicting.

Apply Scikit Learn library, and other machine learning and deep learning tools.

who should attend

IT freshers wanting to start a career in the fields of AI and ML

Non-IT graduates with programming knowledge, keen on learning AI and ML

IT professionals and IT consultants who want to upgrade their knowledge

Business Intelligence professionals entering data analytics projects