Developer Program with C++, Unix

Join Developer Program with C++, Unix & RDBMS

Establish a stronghold on you C++ programming, UNIX and RDBMS and build a career as a software developer with our C++ certification program.
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C++ programmers are one of the most in-demand professionals in the IT industry. After completing the C++ programming online course, you’ll be able to find job opportunities as a senior software engineer, software developer, or a Systems engineer.

Manipal Executive Education Developer Program with C++, UNIX & RDBMS will take you through the programming while also introducing you to UNIX operating system and Oracle DB. This C++ programming tutorial will help you practice these concepts through problem-solving exercises in a programming environment, where you’ll be able to develop your own programs and scripts.

  • 90+ Hours
  • 150 Learners
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  • 24 Problem Solving Exercises

key benefits

After completing the C++ certification program, you’ll be considered as a strong and competent programmer. The course will help you to:

Design the DB and create an ER model

Create a normalized Relation schema

Write SQL commands to retrieve and modify the data – DML and DDL commands

Solve complex modular programs using Pl/SQL

Solve problems using object-oriented concepts – Abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism

Develop an application – A showcase project using C++

Write C++ programs to interact with IO streams

Write Unix commands to interact with the Shell

Solve problems relating to text processing using Unix Pipes and filters

Write batch scripts using shell scripting

Who Should Attend

Engineering, IT, MCA Graduates, PGDBA/MBA Graduates (Information Technology Specialization)

Professionals who want to become C++ programmers, DB developers and obtain enormous exposure to UNIX shell.

Software Engineers & System Analysts having 0-2 years of experience in the Industry

Aspiring Programmers