Exploratory Data Analysis using R Programming


Help businesses gain a competitive advantage. Learn how to use graphical and numerical techniques to quickly analyse large data sets through our exploratory data analytics certification program.
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A certificate Exploratory Data Analysis using R will make you eligible for a career as a Data Analyst.

Learn about the most popular tool for exploring and analysing data is R – an open-source programming language with powerful data visualization capabilities.

Manipal ProLearn’s course in Exploratory Data Analysis using R will provide you with an introduction to the R programming language and demonstrate how R can be used for exploratory data analysis and use that data in strategic predictive modelling initiatives.

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key benefits

After completing the exploratory data analytics certification, you’ll be considered as a strong and competent data analyst. The course will help you to:

Explain the importance of EDA as the first step before modelling.

Describe datasets in terms of variables and their types.

Identify the central tendency of data using visualizations.

Describe the need for dimensionality reduction and approaches to implement the algorithms of association and cluster analysis.

Identify and handle the missing values and outliers in datasets.

Learn the need for different data transformations.

Who Should Attend

Engineers and non-engineers looking to perform statistical data analysis

Managers and analysts interested in understanding statistical data analysis

Business Intelligence professionals entering data analytics projects

Data Science aspirants


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