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As per LinkedIn’s Global Skillset Survey, Cloud Computing is the No. 1 skill set top IT companies are currently looking for.

The certification course in Cloud Computing Foundation from Manipal Executive Education will help you further your job prospects in this field.

Manipal Executive Education Cloud Computing Foundation certification is designed for people who want to learn how to design, implement, and manage cloud computing systems.

This cloud computing training course will introduce you to cloud computing concepts where you’ll explore the basics of cloud services, cloud deployment models and their applications.

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key benefits

After completing the cloud computing online training, you’ll be considered as a strong and competent cloud developer. The cloud computing video lectures and exercises will help you to:

Learn how cloud computing can enable cost-effective provision of IT services.

Gain information on the benefits and challenges relating to cloud implementations.

Get to know how current IT infrastructure and data centres can be converted into cloud-based data centres.

Understand what type of cloud services are currently available in the market.

Gain knowledge on some of the frameworks and standards that would support better cloud implementations.

Who Should Attend

IT professionals looking for a change to cloud technologies

Management staff from IT service providers

Freshers looking for opportunities in cloud technologies

Anyone interested in the use and management of Internet-based IT services