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Language programs aim for beginners to learn how to talk quickly.
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Our methodology of teaching is a mix of Direct and Task-based Methods. The Direct Method is based on the student's direct involvement when speaking and listening to the foreign language in everyday situations, allowing beginners to learn how to talk quickly. In contrast, the more intermediate and advanced students improve their speaking skills. At the same time, the task-based method focuses on using authentic language to complete meaningful tasks in the target language to enhance grammar, listening, reading and writing skills.

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English, Arabic, German, French & Spanish
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Language training
delivered by seasoned native language instructors on a customized plan to each student's needs

Use of techniques
such as quizzes, role plays, and live conversations with one-to-one and group to make the learning engaging and for faster results

Online, Hybrid and in person class formats
to choose from based on each learner's schedule and preference

Access to language
learning Virtual Reality applications of real time events where you can practice the language on your free time

Latest Interactive Material
for making online classes easier engagement and fun to learn

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