Programming for Data Science using Python


Learn Python programming from the experts at Manipal ProLearn and make yourself ready for a promising career in Data Science.
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Gain functional knowledge in Python to start a career in Data Science. Learn about the basic concepts and then get introduced to the complicated aspects of Python.

The course is designed to equip you with detailed knowledge about the programing language, starting from the fundamentals.

Python provides a software environment for Data Science and Machine Learning. From this course, you will learn the basic and complex programming concepts in Python.

Lessons on the use of Python in data analysis using NumPy and Pandas – python libraries for Data Science – are part of the course.

You will also gain knowledge on Python’s role in data visualization, statistical computations and building models for machine learning.

  • 90+ Hours
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key benefits

After the course completion, you are sure to become highly skilled in Python programming and ready to take up a relevant job. Some outcomes of taking up the course are:

Knowledge about data structures, control structures, creating user-defined functions and lambda expressions in Python

A comprehensive understanding of the use of NumPy to slice and dice multi-dimensional arrays

Ability to manipulate and transform data using the Pandas library in Python

Who Should Attend

Candidates pursuing a career in the Data Science or Data Analytics domain

Engineering and non-engineering graduates aspiring for a career as a data scientist or data analyst

Beginners in the analytics domain