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Collaboration between Coursera and Manipal Global Education Services displays a strong commitment to present the best of the learning resources from leading Global Universities on emerging topics to learners and to enable continuous learning for Working professionals.

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“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.”

– Peter F Drucker, Management Guru

Your Mantra to beat Competition: Executive Training!

Whether you are an individual seeking career advancement …
Or a corporate wanting to motivate and retain your employees …
Achieve your objective with executive training: Your secret weapon to beat competition.
Our wide range of courses ensures that you get whatever you need. Be it enhancing technical skills or
sharpening behavioral skills. Along with the certification, you will gain absolute clarity on the subject.
This is a promise from our background of 60 years in education!


Looking for ways to advance your career?

Want to sail through your next job interview?


Find the right executive training programme and

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Make your executives more loyal.
Get the best out of them and keep your
competition at bay.


Enroll your executives in the appropriate training programme

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